Exposition of the Gospel of John

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John 11:45-57 "Undeniable Evidence"

John 11:17-44 "The Resurrection of Lazarus"

John 11:1-16 "Why Lazarus Died"

John 10:31-42 “Christology Matters”

John 10:22-26 “The Seduction of Self Security”

John 10:17-21 "Cosmic Crucifixion" 

John 10:11-16 "I AM The Good Shepherd"

John 10:7-10 "I Am The Door"

John 10:1-6 False Shepherds VS. The True Shepherd

John 9:35-41 The Blind and the Seeing

John 9:8-34 - A Blind Investigation

John 9:5-7 - We are the Blind

John 9:3-5 - The Works of God

John 9:1-3 - Blind For God's Glory: A Sermon on Suffering

An Introduction to The  (John 1:1-18)

Next week we will return to our walkthrough of the Gospel of John by picking up where we left off in Chapter 9.  In order to help you orient to the Gospel of John, this sermon serves as an introduction to the book. We will raise and answer Five Critical Questions concerning Jesus that will orient us to John's Gospel. 

John 8:48-59 Part 2 - Jesus The Great I AM

John 8:48-59 Part 1 - The Father Seeks Jesus' Glory

John 8:41-47 Children of the Devil

John 8:37-40 Children Abraham - A Reformation Day Sermon

John 8:31-36 The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8:13-30 Revealing Unbelief

John 8:12 Jesus The Light of The World

Jonh 7:53-8:11 The Woman Caught in Adultery

John 7:37-52 Come To Me And Drink!

John 7:25-36 False Cultural Belief

John 7:14-24 Why People Don't Believe

You ever wonder why it is that people refuse to believe in Jesus? This portion of John reveals that the answer is not lack of evidence or revelation. The answers are deeper than that and rooted in the heart.

Redeemer Community Church of Cache is a Reformed Baptist Church in friendly cooperation with The Southern Baptist Convention.

John 7:1-13  Jesus and the World

John chapter 7 begins with Jesus in dialogue with his brothers. This text, however, is no simple transition in the story. Jesus' brothers reveal a startling reality about the human condition. Jesus also forces us to examine his relationship with the world? Does the world love him or hate him?

John 6:60-71 The Words of Eternal Life

Jesus's teaching in the Bread of Life Discourse has ended. Now we see that there are three responses to Jesus's words or teaching. The three responses to Jesus teaching have continued from the time of disciples down to the present day.

John 6:47-59 Appropriating Christ By Faith

This section of John is one of them most debated texts in the Bible. The Roman Catholic Church uses this text to teach transubstantiation, the doctrines of the real and literal presence. However, if this text is taken within the overall context of John chapter six, that interpretation is an impossibility.

John 6:41-46 Jesus Teaches Effectual Calling

In this sermon, we see the grumbling group reveal a heart problem that links them to the Exodus generation. Jesus then explains their inability to believe and affirms that the only way anyone comes to him is the drawing of the Father. This drawing is effectual as all that are drawn are raised on the last day.

John 6:37-40 Jesus Teaches Election

Jesus statement answers the question: Why does anyone come to Jesus at all? The answer is profound and is found in God's election of a people to give to Jesus. God's giving of a people simultaneously secures their coming to Him and Jesus' keeping of them securely for eternity.

John 6:35-37 The Depravity of Man

In this text in John 6 we see Jesus open invitation to come to him and receive eternal life. Despite seeing Jesus, hearing his teaching, and witnessing his miracles the people don't respond to him. Why? The answer is shocking and profoundly humbling.

John 6:30-36 Jesus The Bread Of Life

Who is Jesus? The gospel of John reveals to us who he is through his teachings, miracles and sayings. In this sermon we encounter the first of Jesus's "I AM" statements; I Am The Bread Of Life! These statements reveal who he is and what he does. This bold declaration demands a response.

John 6:22-29  What Really Satisfies

Jesus knows what really satisfies the longing of every heart. After witnessing the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 the crowd pursues Jesus on the other side of the sea, near Capernaum. Jesus however, knows their hearts. He knows they want him to be filled again with bread.

John 6:16-21 Jesus Walks On Water

In this text we see find the disciples caught in a wind storm. They struggle for hours against the wind and the waves. Then we see the sovereignty of Jesus as he comes to them walking upon the water. In their struggle we learn to see Jesus from a new perspective.

John 6:1-15 The Feeding of 5,000

In many ways John 6:1-15 sets the table for understanding the rest of the chapter. This is Jesus' most public miracle and it is meant to lead us to the truth of who Jesus is. There is indeed great theological significance to the setting, the question Jesus asks, the miracle itself, and the people's response.

John 5:30-47 Part 2 Indictment Of Unbelief

In verses 40 through 47 Jesus ends his long monologue directed at the Jewish leaders. He concludes with a strong indictment of their hearts which reveals to us the true nature of unbelief. Why won't they believe? Watch and see...

John 5:30-47 Part 1 Witnesses To Jesus

Jesus now provides additional witnesses to verify His claims. The leaders of the Jews persist in unbelief despite the numerous signs, witnesses and evidence. Surprisingly their primary issue is one they never would have suspected. www.heredeems.com Redeemer Community Church of Cache is a Reformed Baptist Church in friendly cooperation with The Southern Baptist Convention serving the greater Lawton/FT.

John 5:24-29 Hearing and Believing

In thi section, Jesus elaborates on what it means to honor the Son so that you may honor the Father. Truly hearing Jesus words and believing the Father are tied together forever and have incredible implications for now and for the future. www.heredeems.com

John 5:19-23  Jesus Answers

In this section Jesus begins a long monologue of teaching answering his opposition. He explains his divinity as equal to the Father yet completely unified with the Father in action, love, power, and judgment. www.heredeems.com

John 5:9-18 Jesus Equal With The Father

John 5:1-14 Healing At Bethesda

JOHN 4:19-26  Priority, Principle, Profession

In this sermon on John 4:27-45 we see that Jesus lives to do the will of the Father. This principle guides His life and leads Him ultimately to the cross. We also see a lack of awareness on the part of the disciples as they fail to recognize that the Samaritans are ready to receive the Gospel.


John 4:7-18  Give Me A Drink

JOHN 4:1-6 The Humanity of Jesus

The incarnation of Jesus is truly one of the deepest and most profound doctrines in the Bible. However, it is no mere intellectual pursuit. This sermon elaborates on the different heresies regarding the incarnation and focuses on how the truth revealed in Scripture regarding Jesus as being fully God and fully man in one person has profound implications for our lives.

JOHN 3:31-36 The Supremacy of Christ

What is the reason for the poor state of the church in the west? Why do so few people evangelize? There are numerous reasons but perhaps the main reason is that people have never really seen or understood the The Supremacy of Christ. This text exposes us to Jesus Christ's Supremacy.

JOHN 3:22-30 He Must Increase

In this sermon on John 3:22-30, we discover one of the most condensed descriptions of what living the Christian life looks like: "He must increase, but I must decrease." By examining John the Baptist in this text, we discover the keys of living this description out. www.heredeems.com

JOHN 3:17-21 The Love of God and the Love of Man

This sermon on John 3:17-21 by Jay Jones reveals to us three lessons contained in the Gospel that are offensive to natural man but paramount in believing in Jesus. Jesus closes his dialogue with Nicodemus by brining it back to where it began; the necessity of the work of God in the heart of the sinner.

JOHN 3:16 Marvel at God's Love

John 3:16 is perhaps the most recognized verse of the Bible. Luther called this verse "the Gospel in miniature." Have you become desensitized to the great truths communicated in this verse? This sermon aims to make you marvel and be captivated by the God of the Bible once again. www.heredeems.com

JOHN 3:9-15 Look and Live!

In this sermon we see that Jesus uses the Old Testament as a illustration of what is to come. He shows the simple truth of salvation by faith alone in Him alone. We see what we are saved from, who is doing the saving, and how we are to receive salvation.


In this sermon on John 1:3-8, we see the two more characteristics of "The New Birth" or being born again. Jesus stated explicitly that unless someone is born again they cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, this text and subject is of paramount importance! www.heredeems.com

JOHN 3:1-8 You must be born again! part 1

In this sermon on John 3:1-8 Jesus encounters a religious man, a pharisee and ruler of the Jews, Nicodemus. Jesus cuts right to the heart of the most important issue facing man; how one enters the Kingdom of God, or what is commonly called having eternal life.

JOHN 2:23-25 warnings of false belief

In this sermon on John 2:23-25 we look at an often neglected passage. Many people are believing in Jesus because of the signs he performs. However, knowing the deepest recesses of the human heart, Jesus sees through their superficial belief and rejects them.

JOHN 2:12-22 Clearing The Temple

Jesus clearing the temple is present Jesus in a way that many have unfortunately never seriously considered. Why does act in such a way that seems so contrary to the modern presentation Jesus? This sermon explains that Jesus burns with a passion beyond a love for man.

John 2:1-11 Water into Wine

John 1:44-51 Which Jesus Do You Follow?

In this sermon John 1: 44-51 the Gospel of John shows us who Jesus really is. Front loading Jesus' true identity sets up the drama of what follows. What Jesus do you follow? Is he the true Jesus described in the Bible? Find out here. www.heredeems.com

John 1:35-43  The First Disciples

Jesus gathers his first disciples in these passages. We uncover the pattern of Biblical church growth and discuss the seriousness of Jesus call to discipleship. These lessons transcend time and are vital for our current time. www.he redeems.com

John 1:30-34: Jesus The Baptizer

In this sermon John the baptist introduces Jesus as He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is incredibly misunderstood today. However, clarification is possible through study of God's word. What we find is that the most remarkable thing the Holy Spirit does is nearly totally ignored today.

John 1:29:  The Lamb Of God

This sermon on John 1:29 discusses Jesus as God's Lamb. Jesus is the person all the Old Testament sacrifices pointed to. As God's Lamb, He accomplishes that which God has sent Him to accomplish. He is the passover lamb of a greater Exodus. www.heredeems.com

John 1:19-28:  The Narrative Begins

In this sermon on John 1:19-28 we are introduced to many different elements of the Gospel of John that are imperative to an understanding of the book itself. Several characters are introduced as well as the setting where the story takes place. The witness of John the Baptist begins the narrative of the text.

John 1:14-18 Jesus Makes God Known

In this sermon on John 1:14-18 we see how the Word of God became flesh. Jesus, the eternal Word of God, in his incarnation fully revealed God. We see, in three allusions to the Old Testament, how Jesus has fully made God known. www.heredeems.com

John 1:12-13 Receiving The Light

What is saving faith? The Gospel of John describes it as receiving the light, which is non other than Jesus Christ. Why do some believe and receive Him? Underlying the human responsibility to believe the Gospel is the sovereign will of God. Those who are receive the light are born, not of their own wills, but of God.

John 1:6-11 The Revealer of the Light

In this sermon, verses 6-11 show us that John the Baptist is the forerunner of Jesus Christ. According to Jesus, John is the greatest man to live up to John's day. John, the revealer of Jesus, has a special relationship to Christ as the last Old Testament era prophet that points to Him.

John 1:2-5

This sermon from the Gospel of John covers verses 1:2-5 and reveals to us the nature of existence. 4 Realities relating to Jesus Christ are contained within these verses. What is your reality? Whatever it may be, if it does not match these realities you are living a delusional existence.

John 1:1

The Gospel of John begins with a verse packed with essential Christian doctrine. John begins where the Bible begins, at the beginning of all things. Deny the truth of John 1:1 and find yourself outside of orthodox Christianity. www.heredeems.com John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Introduction to the Gospel of John

This sermon is an introduction of the Gospel of John. In order to understand the gospel of John it is essential that you understand the worldview from which John writes this divinely-inspired gospel. John's worldview is God's worldview. If you impose your worldview on the text you have no chance of understanding the gospel.