Not Just a Building

Today people often view a church as building or place to go on Sunday or Wednesday night. Others view a church as a place to go in order to get certain religious services or privileges dished out for their own satisfaction. Both views are flawed. 

A church is a community of people who have been redeemed by The Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We are a group of people following Jesus, serving one another and our community, worshiping together, and living for God's glory as a community of believers. WE are the Church. 


outward focus

We also seek to actively be the church in our everyday lives away from the place we gather on Sunday's. Christ's Fellowship Church is dedicated to taking the Gospel to people who have never been a part of church before; those hurt by a previous experience, and those marginalized by our society. We are dedicated to outreach and being welcoming to those just beginning to look into church.